The Warlock - Michael Scott

"Everyone has a choice." -The Warlock, p.258


The cast and crew of The Warlock would, with all due respect, beg to differ. Over the past couple of days in particular, they haven't particularly had a lot of opportunities to choose.


After a whirlwind ride of a week--[spoiler] which, by the way, has resulted in Sophie choosing to help the Flamels and Josh choosing to help Dr. Dee [/spoiler]--the Newman twins are beginning to discover that all of the 'choices' they made...[spoiler] weren't really their choices in a lot of ways [/spoiler].


After a week of using powers they shouldn't be using, the Flamels are experiencing the effect of their 'choices'...[spoiler] which may or may not have been up to them, depending on who you ask [/spoiler].


After a particularly crappy week, Dr. Dee gets to make a 'choice' that really isn't a choice.

[spoiler] Because when you Elders decide to put a price on your heads and your only choices are: A) run away; or B) turn yourself in, the fact that you picked A doesn't really constitute much of a choice [/spoiler].


And the others? [spoiler] They're just on Danu Talis because their only other 'choice' was to chill out in a dying Shadowrealm and die themselves [/spoiler].


Yeah. Everyone's really getting a lot of chances to pick and choose their life choices right now.


The Warlock has always been one of my favorite instalments in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. By now even some of the most unlovable of Michael Scott's characters have fleshed themselves out, and you can appreciate even the chapters that focus on those characters you don't like--take it from somebody who used to have her mother read only the chapters with Shakespeare and Palamedes in them. This book is a fast-paced rush toward [spoiler] what could very possibly be the end of the world [/spoiler]. This book is also another of Mr. Scott's introspective works, delving into some very deep questions, such as [spoiler] the extent of family and friendship, the ability to choose, and the impact of every person [/spoiler]. It is enjoyable both as a piece of fiction that will suck you in and enchant you. It is also enjoyable as a piece of literature with some very important things to say.


The cast and crew of The Warlock might not have been able to have a lot of choice about what they ended up doing...but you have a choice in how you spend your time. Reading The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and working your way deep into The Warlock is as good a choice as many.