The Sorceress - Michael Scott

"Much has changed." -The Sorceress, p.99


No sh*t, Sherlock.


Since Josh and Sophie Newman witnessed [spoiler] a 500-year-old magician battle a 600-year-old alchemyst, [/spoiler] a lot has changed [spoiler]. Like the fact that they now have magical fields around their bodies, extreme senses, and the ability to learn how to harness the elements [/spoiler].


Too much change? Let's slow down, then.


Just kidding. [spoiler] After tearing through Paris after a destructive, age-old monster with a 2,000-year-old warrior in its clutches, having Josh Awakened by a mythological god of war, and helping to ruin the Cathedral of Notre Dame, [/spoiler] Flamel and the twins are off to London...


...[spoiler] where they leave a group of flesh-eating monster asleep for a year and a day in a London alleyway after another mythological goddess gave meaning to the phrase you've got a friend in me, hitch a ride in a taxi-cab with a mythological knight, hide out in a junkyard castle, and figure out that Flamel and William Shakespeare really don't get along[/spoiler].


And the change doesn't end there.


Apparently immortality only keeps your body from changing, [spoiler] because after being Dee's apprentice (BAD) William Shakespeare has apparently been Dee's enemy for centuries (GOOD?) and now wants to help Flamel and the twins (GOOD) [/spoiler]. Oh, and [spoiler] Palamedes apparently doesn't pick sides until a horned Archon and an army of human-faced creatures is tearing his junkyard home apart (BAD?) which case he decides to side with whoever isn't actively laying siege to him and his roommate (GOOD for now, maybe BAD later?) [/spoiler].


That's just the mind-changing chaos that's going on around the twins. You don't want to know what's going on in Dee's camp.


Michael Scott's The Sorceress is another change from the model in terms of theme. Where The Alchemyst was a fast-paced roller coaster, and The Magician was a soul-searching dive into the deeps, The Sorceress takes the best of both worlds and merges them together.


So what you get is the twins participating in a wild roller coaster ride of a two day trip in London, while the people around them do a bunch of soul-searching but try to keep the twins from doing any of their own, all while [spoiler] the Dark Elders still want the twins, but no longer care if the Flamels are alive, and are ready to toss Dee to the wolves if London ends like it did back in 1666 [/spoiler].


Wow. (Click the green link if you want to see how you're supposed to say that).